Mansoor-ch Ashraf

A meeting was held at Abdul Sattar Edhi stadium in the memory of 1994 World Cup hero Mansoor Ahmed and international umpire Chaudhary Muhammad Ashraf on Wednesday.The meeting was organised by PHF and was attended by Mansoor’s mother and his close friends. PHF president Brig (rtd) Khalid Khohkar, secretary Shahbaz Ahmed, Mansoor’s mother, Islahuddin and Hasan Sardar spoke on the occasion.They highlighted the services of Mansoor and Ashraf. Khokhar said that Mansoor was a great goalkeeper and his services would be remembered for a long time. “He was close to me. I noticed his deteriorating health condition and assured him of all possible help,” he said.Shahbaz said that he played along with Mansoor for 15 years. “He was a true legend. He brought laurels for the country and raised the flag of the country many a time,” he added. Shahbaz said that Ashraf was a great hockey lover and supporter of emerging players. “He supported many players who did not have a hockey background,” he added.Islahuddin said that Ashraf was a great organiser of the game. “He was my first captain in domestic hockey,” Islahuddin said.He said that Pakistan customs team was established due to efforts of Ashraf.He said that Mansoor played under his coaching. “He used to continue training even after the other players had finished theirs. That is the difference between a star player and an ordinary player,” he added. Mansoor’s mother said she was proud of her son’s achievements. She thanked all his friends and PHF for providing support in his difficult time.