Shahid Ali khan specialist coach

In order to improve the performance of goalkeepers, the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) appointed former goalkeeper Shahid Ali Khan as specialist coach.

Shahid, considered to be one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the sport, is currently busy training three goalkeepers here at the Abdul Sattar Edhi Stadium for the upcoming assignments.

Poor goalkeeping is considered by many as one of the main reasons of greenshirts’ defeats in recent past.“Our goalkeepers conceded many soft goals in recent past which is a worrying situation,” said Shahid, who was appointed on the recommendation of Hasan Sardar.

“You cannot always stop your rivals from scoring but conceding a goal from between the legs or pads is not acceptable,” he said while talking to ‘The News’ here on Tuesday.“When you fail to stop close-range shots then it is a matter of concern and that is what was actually happening with our goalkeepers,” he said.

“We are working hard to improve their timing by making them face more than 300 hits and PC drag flicks each day. Their performance was affected due to various reasons and we are working on them,” he added.

“Imran Butt was away from international action for more than a year so he will take some time to adjust. We are also working on Amjad Ali, because we need to prepare two to three goalkeepers considering the hectic schedule,” said Shahid.

He revealed that machines have so far not been used for goalkeepers’ training.“Manual training has greater depth instead of machines throwing balls for practice. A machine cannot describe what the body language of a player is,” he said.

Syed Intikhab Ali
The News
[email protected]